A life time of work in creating possibilites

Name them.. probabilities, possibilities, opportunities, chances..

A dice will roll in creating them

orchid on my tiny garden

I love orchids. although they don't have smelliness character, their petals are months old. they don't die easily because of weather. these kind of flowers are the strong one.

the background is ugly, but that makes they become so pretty, don't you think?

Blue Fuel Fire

Igniting ideas is the goal of this blog by posting plain images , no edit.. no complicated photography methods... just igniting ideas. here comes the Blue Fuel Fire

table candle blue
Blue Fuel Fire

my first photo choice for this blog

I've made some trips and collected photos. I'm not a pro, but when i like to collect some nice views wrapped inside my pocket camera. so i decided to share some of them here. here it is. the purple bush flower.
bush flower

maybe you can name it?